Evergreen Article

Ever read an Article and realized that you knew more than the writer about the topic, or believed you could do a better job at writing about it? Find ideas from content that has already been published and put your unique spin on it. As long as you add your own perspective and analysis to the topic and you don't simply copy what the original post said then the topic is fair game. All of us have an inexhaustible well of unique experiences from our personal and professional lives that we can draw upon for our Evergreen Articles. Set the scene, tell what happened, then share what you learned from your experience. Just write what you know, share what you've learned, and give readers a peek into how you see the world. Sometimes a handful of quotes from an inspiring leader or artist, or surprising facts about their lives, can make for an interesting and quick read. The key is to tie the quotes or facts together around a central message or theme that you want to convey with your article.

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